Covid Cover

Peace of mind every time you book through Inverness Travel


Whenever you book a holiday package through Inverness Travel, we include covid-19 disruption cover as standard.



you get Covid in the UK before departure; you can cancel the holiday and claim on insurance for money you cannot get back elsewhere

you are refused entry into your overseas location (at the arrival airport), due to say a high temperature (but they were fine when leaving the UK) They must follow the specific Countries procedures and contact the overseas Emergency team

you are contacted by Track and Trace because you may have been in contact with someone with Covid. You will have to isolate for 14 days, if that stops you going on holiday, you are covered for cancellation

you get to the airport in UK and they take your temperature and refuse you boarding, you are covered for cancellation

you go overseas, and contract Covid (as long as you didn't go against FCO advice) you are covered for emergency medical assistance



there is a Geographical Lockdown such as Leicester/Rochdale - its about you as an individual getting Covid not an area

you must quarantine for 14 days on return to UK

the FCO advice changes whilst overseas. You must then follow the advice of the Local Authority and liaise with the airline/tour operator.


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