7 cities to shop 'til you drop!


People love to shop wherever they are, of that there is no doubt.  However there is just something about being away that loosens the purse strings and makes you want to splurge!

New York City

New York City is full of name brand stores, department stores, flagship stores, indie boutiques, and open air markets.  All of those stores turn this city into a person’s dream shopping adventure.  There are seven main shopping districts in the city and they include SoHo, Nolita, Lower Manhattan and the Financial District, Union Square, Lower East Side Manhattan, Greenwich Village, and Chinatown.  Each district is unique in its own way and shoppers get a good tour of the city as they are traveling to each one.  ​​​​​​

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SoHo is located between Broadway and Sixth Avenue and this is where people will find all of the brand name stores.  Nolita has numerous boutique stores that carry the best of the best and are not for people who are on a budget.  Lower Manhattan has all of the stores that people would find at their local malls, but they are much larger in size.  Union Square has a little of everything including some of the nicest bars and restaurants.  Lower East Side Manhattan has many boutiques that are catering to the younger crowd.  Greenwich Village has stores that sell items other than clothes and this is the perfect place for people who have been looking for a specific book or record.  Chinatown is filled with knock-off items and people can try to negotiate prices while shopping there.  Many people also purchase their souvenirs at Chinatown because they are cheaper than Times Square. 

Travel at christmas time and you'll get the choice of dozens of xmas markets.  Head to central park where you can take in a picturesque stroll, do some shopping, and relax with a hot chocolate or mulled wine.


People who shop in London will be able to find vintage clothes as well as clothing from up and coming designers.  Brick Lane in East London has shops that are open every day of the week, but on Sundays the streets are also filled with people selling their vintage clothing.  Spitafields is in the Old Spitafields Market building and this is where many trendy boutiques are located.  


Over on Oxford Street, people can choose from over 300 shops that sell the latest fashions.  Affordable fashion is available on Regent Street and men will find shops that cater to them on historic Jermyn Street.  The most exclusive stores are found on Bond Street and Mayfair and people shouldn’t be surprised if they see a few celebrities during their shopping trip. 

New designer names can be found on Carnaby Street as well as independent boutiques and heritage brands.  This is a great section of town for people to be in when they are hungry, because there are numerous restaurants and pubs in this area as well.  Unique gifts and design are all the rage at Covent Garden and this should be the first place that many people visit when they want something new and different. 


Milan is a great place for people to go shopping if they are interested in purchasing clothing from the latest fashion collections.  Cheaper prices are usually available in Milan during the months of January, February, July, and September.  The month of August is usually the worst time to shop in Milan, because a lot of businesses are closed for holiday.  


Many people purchase their clothes in the heart of Milan, because there are many shops and boutiques in the heart of the city.  The prices at those stores and boutiques are quite high, so most people need to purchase their items in nearby outlets.  Serravalle Scrivia is one of the best outlets to make purchases in Milan.  The outlet looks like an old town with multiple small alleys, so the experience is very pleasant.  


Shopping in Marrakesh can be an experience for many people.  The Marrakeshis have been selling anything and everything for more than a thousand years and hey have it down to a science.  There are many items available in Marrakesh and people can get high quality items for low prices if they act accordingly.


People should be careful when they enter a shop in Marrakesh, because the way that they act will give the Marrakeshis a clue as to how high they should start the bidding price.  It is best if a person states that they have been there numerous times, because the Marrakeshis will not take full advantage of a person that has been there often.  


Singapore is considered a large shopping mall to many people.  The best time to shop in Singapore is from May through July when the Great Singapore Sale is going on, but the city’s shopping malls are out and available all year long.  On Orchard Road, the shopping malls are stacked on top of each other, so that people can shop for the entire day.  People can try haggling the prices down at many of the shops, but Paragon has many name brand fashions at an already low price.  There are numerous designer brands in other areas as well, people just need to keep an eye out and know what they are looking for. 


Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, people can purchase international luxury goods as well as souvenirs for their trip.  A lot of the items that people purchase while in Hong Kong are relatively low in price and they will be tax free as well.  The best items to buy in Hong Kong are designer clothes and handbags, cosmetics, perfumes, electronics, jewelry, and watches.  


In Central Hong Kong, people can shop in large shopping malls and boutiques.  Causeway Bay offers high-end malls and affordable boutiques and department stores.  Many high-end shops are found in Tsim Sha Tsui while smaller shops and markets are available in Mong Kok.  People who love markets will also enjoy going to Sham Shui Po, where they can purchase a number of electronics at reasonable prices.  


Barcelona is following the fashion trends closely, but it is still reasonably cheap to shop in this city.  On Las Ramblas, people can purchase souvenirs while walking the streets and watching street artists and painters.  International brands can be found at Placa Catalunya while small shops, new labels and new designers can be found within Old Town.  Placa Catalunya also has the largest department store, El Corte Inglés, where people can purchase almost anything that they want.  


Obviously this is just a small selection of the amazing shopping destinations the world has to offer... but they are definately some of our favourites!

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